4 Signs of High-Quality CBD

The CBD market can be overwhelming to navigate. CBD is available in various spectrums, forms, and strengths. Not to mention, new CBD brands are springing up daily. 

How can you separate the best CBD brands from the bad ones?

It’s important that you only buy high-quality CBD. To do so, you have to know what you are looking for. We put together a list of the 4 signs of high-quality CBD products to help you avoid low-quality CBD

  • Third-Party Lab Testing & Disclaimers
  • CBD Quality Considerations
  • Hemp Plant Growing and Harvesting Methods 
  • CBD Extraction Methods

The Importance of Third-Party Lab Testing for CBD Products

When you begin browsing different CBD products, make sure EACH product has a link to “third-party testing”. This will take you to a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and show you the exact measurements of THC, CBD, and other cannaboinoids in the product. 

If a CBD brand that you are looking at does not provide a CoA from a third-party lab, do not buy from them. 

Additionally, if you notice any discrepancies between what is marketed on a companies website and what is listed on a CoA, do not buy from them.

Properly Labeled CBD Products

The best CBD oil will be properly labeled. It should list the following in the product title or on the product page… 

  • CBD Potency
  • CBD Type (Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum) 
  • Serving Size
  • CBD per Serving

For example, if you take a look at the 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures, you’ll find…

CBD Potency = 500 mg 

CBD Type = Full-Soectrum (0.3 % THC)

Serving Size = One Dropper

CBD pers Serving = 16.67 mg per serving

Growing and Harvesting Methods Plants

Most people are particular about the way their food is grown and harvested. The same should go for your CBD. Because the final CBD product consumers receive is in the form of an oil, lotion, gummy, etc. people forget it starts off as a plant: hemp.  

That’s why we are currently offering organic CBD oil and are in the process of shifting to USDA Certified Organic. 

When it comes to organic hemp, the stakes are high. If hemp is grown organically, it means that the production process is closely monitored and the plants are tested for pesticides. 

We partner with US farmers and ​​perform a rigorous phone audit with each farmer to ensure their business values align with our commitment to high quality. 

CBD Extraction Methods

When we chose our extraction labs, we went through the same rigorous process as we did when finding our farmers. The CBD oil we receive is 80 percent cannabinoids, which is good, but we wanted our CBD to be the best  

We took it a step further created a filtration process in our lab which removes more of the fats, lipids, and water-soluble contaminants. After this filtration process, the products are redistilled to achieve an oil that is over 90 percent cannabinoids and up to 97 percent cannabinoids. 

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing CBD products. Keep the information above in mind to ensure you get the best CBD for the best price

Purchasing a CBD product from a reputable manufacturer is one of the best ways to get a CBD product that will help you achieve your goals.

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