Benefits of Swiss Apple Stem Cells

Benefits of Swiss Apple Stem Cells

Voted “best active ingredients” for the European Innovation prize, we knew swiss apple stem cells were an ingredient to look into! Thankfully, there have been thorough studies done by the company that discovered this rare ingredient. These clinical trials showed 100% of the participants saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after using a solution containing 2% PhytoCell Tech Malus Domestica (Swiss Apple Stem Cells).

Now, those are good results!  

What are Swiss Apple Stem Cells? 

Swiss apple stem cells are extracted from the rare swiss apple called “Uttwiler Spätlauber”. Mibelle Biochemistry, a research lab in Switzerland that specializes in biotechnology and biochemistry conducted research on this ingredient after observing its unusually resilient stem cells. 

Could the power of this ingredient be harnessed to slow the aging process of human skin? Mibelle was on a mission to find out! They first developed a Swiss Apple skin care ingredient called PhytoCellTec®. After the product was developed, they conducted two studies.  

One showed Swiss Apple stem cells provided powerful anti-aging benefits by nourishing and stimulating regeneration of human skin. In a second study, wrinkle line depth was reduced by 15% when used twice daily!

Benefits of Swiss Apple Stem Cells

Since the discovery of this innovative product, many studies have been conducted that have shown the following benefits: 

How does this relate to CBD? 

Although we focus on creating CBD products, we assure that every ingredient we use is innovative, clean, and well-researched! 

“We wanted to bring value, quality, and education to a highly saturated market with sub-par products.” - Kevin, Owner/Formulator, Fallen Pollen Apothecary 

Our products are only as good as the ingredients we use! 

We are so proud of our cbd restoring facial serum! It truly embodies our core values of wellness, clean products, innovation, and science. 

Have you tried this product yet? It sells out fast so be sure to grab a bottle and let us know how you like it! 

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