Our team shares a common passion for CBD because of the impact that it has made in each of our own lives. With an overly saturated market with sub-par products, one of our founders took his years of knowledge in the cannabis industry to try to develop a high-quality CBD product to help with his anxiety. After creating the first product, our CBD tinctures, he knew it needed to be shared with the world. From there, he brought in two childhood friends and the three set out to create a business that would deliver higher quality, better tasting, CBD products to you.

Story from Our Co-Founder, Kevin:

My CBD journey started after a horrible case of anxiety that hit a head during a presentation I had to give at work. Speaking in front of people is one of the most common and debilitating fears that a person can have and trying to find a natural remedy for it is extremely hard. I tried many CBD products and found they were not created equal. Many products advertise the great effects of CBD and other natural cannabinoids found in the hemp's trichome, but only contain hemp seed oil which contains almost no CBD at all. Other products are filled with fats, lipids, and chlorophyl that are not harmful to digest but give the product a "grass" taste that I could not stand. So, I decided to study the hemp plant and realized how a truly simple and great tasting product that actually worked could be made, if only someone would put in the hard work and passion needed to create such a product. Then when it came to the business side, I knew exactly who I wanted on my team, my childhood friends. From the day I pitched the business to them they fell in love with the idea and the Fallen Pollen family was started.  From the research and development stage to today we are always striving to make our products simple, great tasting and extremely effective. We hope our hard work will give our customers the confidence to try CBD and learn the great effects it can have in their daily lives.