CBD Oil for Dog Pain

It is tough to see our animals in pain. Since animals cannot communicate their pain, treating dog pain is often a guessing game for pet owners. We come to know our fur-babies well so most pet owners can oftentimes understand the level of discomfort or pain their pets are in.  Once we start to recognize signs that our pets are in pain, what are our options? Many pet owners are faced with the decision to medicate their pets with painkillers that cause drowsiness or abnormal behavior. It is sad to see animals in pain but it can be equally as hard to see them acting abnormally. 

There must be an alternative! 

Well, fortunately, there is. CBD for pain relief has been observed in humans, why not for our pets? 

CBD for Pain Management 

There is not any definitive scientific data for using CBD to treat your pet’s pain but there are heaps of anecdotal evidence from dog owners. In fact, CBD for dog pain has become so popular the FDA  has “started initiatives to regularize the products that can be used  for diagnosis and prevention of diseases in animals.” (GrandViewResearch

Scientists have seen that CBD interacts with a cell-signaling system in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). When this system is triggered, it can produce an anti-inflammatory response and some pain-relieving effects. Although not in dogs, these pain relieving effects have been observed in humans in a 2018 review. The researchers and scientists observed that CBD was effective in pain management for humans. 

Is my dog in pain?

 As previously mentioned, it’s hard to know when your dog is in pain but we found a great guide created by the American Animal Hospital Association that goes over how to tell if your dog is in pain. We encourage everyone to take their dog to the vet if they are exhibiting any of these signs so that you can fully understand what may be wrong and confirm if CBD is a good option for your pet. Here are some of the most common instances in dogs that lead their owners to try organic CBD for pet pain relief: 

  • Cancer
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Arthritis
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Bone Disease

The Best CBD for Dogs

We believe in high-quality products regardless of who they are for. Our team formulated two different flavors of organic CBD oil for dogs: Peanut Butter and Natural. 

These tinctures are both pesticide, GMO, and allergen-free. We use our same great formula at a reduced concentration. We recommend 0.25mL to 0.75mL per 10 pounds. Most pet owners that use CBD for their pets mix it into their food which is very easy to do and your pet won’t even notice. In fact, our peanut butter pet tincture may even seem like a treat to your fur baby! 

Just like us, health is not one-size-fits-all for animals. Some animals may be fine taking painkillers but some may not. If your pet is the latter, CBD offers you and your pet an alternative. 

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