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How To Help Dogs Suffering from Separation Anxiety

Saying bye to your furry friends can make leaving the house difficult. Especially if your pup has separation anxiety. No one wants their pup whimpering and crying to be the last thing they see/hear before leaving the house.  If your dog exhibits signs of panic, fear, or discomfort when you leave them, they are likely suffering from separation anxiety or stress. You aren’t alone.  Separation anxiety affects many dogs. While this is a common issue, there are ways you can help your stressed-out pup when you are not present. 3 Ways to Help Dogs with Separation Anxiety Be quiet and stay calm when coming and going This is a common tactic that dog trainers encourage from any dog parent. If...

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CBD Oil for Dog Pain

It is tough to see our animals in pain. Since animals cannot communicate their pain, treating dog pain is often a guessing game for pet owners. We come to know our fur-babies well so most pet owners can oftentimes understand the level of discomfort or pain their pets are in.  Once we start to recognize signs that our pets are in pain, what are our options? Many pet owners are faced with the decision to medicate their pets with painkillers that cause drowsiness or abnormal behavior. It is sad to see animals in pain but it can be equally as hard to see them acting abnormally.  There must be an alternative!  Well, fortunately, there is. CBD for pain relief has...

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Fallen Pollen Offers Organic CBD Products

We are excited to officially announce that Fallen Pollen Apothecary is now offering organic CBD products! Transitioning to organically grown hemp-extracted oil was a no-brainer for us. Buying local and buying organic has always been important to us.  We just needed to wait for the right time and the right partners... The right time to transition to organic CBD  We noticed a select group of hemp farmers achieving their USDA certification. This certification was for the growth and extraction methods they were using for the hemp and hemp distillate.  As their success grew, we knew it was the right time to work with them to transition to organic hemp oil extract.  It has been a long process getting our CBD...

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CBD Buyer's Guide

CBD Buyers Guide  CBD comes in a lot of concentrations and forms. It can be overwhelming to navigate what products are right for you. At Fallen Pollen, we aim to have our customers feel empowered to make the right decisions on products for themselves and create their own personal wellness routine. Regardless of what you are looking for, we know that our CBD products are some of the highest quality you’ll find on the market. We curated this CBD Buyer’s Guide for CBD gels, CBD serums, CBD tinctures, and CBD lotion to help you during the buying process.  What are Fallen Pollen’s CBD Gels and Serums used for?  One of our most popular products is our CHILL CBD Relief Gel. It is used for the same purpose that you...

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