Fallen Pollen Offers Organic CBD Products

We are excited to officially announce that Fallen Pollen Apothecary is now offering organic CBD products! Transitioning to organically grown hemp-extracted oil was a no-brainer for us. Buying local and buying organic has always been important to us. 

We just needed to wait for the right time and the right partners...

The right time to transition to organic CBD 

We noticed a select group of hemp farmers achieving their USDA certification. This certification was for the growth and extraction methods they were using for the hemp and hemp distillate.  As their success grew, we knew it was the right time to work with them to transition to organic hemp oil extract. 

It has been a long process getting our CBD tinctures organic but our commitment to the environment and our customers' health made going organic an easy decision to make. Whenever we are faced with a tough decision, we remember our commitment to high-quality CBD products and let our company values guide every decision. Learn more about our commitment to our customers here

What is organic CBD?

When we say organic CBD, we mean the hemp was organically grown. This means the local farmers that grew the hemp did so under strict growing processes that do not contain harsh chemical pesticides or GMOs. This is extremely important as the CBD industry can seem like the wild west with the lack of regulations that a company is required to work with. We are demanding more for our customers! 

Try our organic CBD flavors 

Our new organic tinctures are available in a lot of delicious flavors: 

  • Snozzberry (A rainbow of fruit flavor)
  • Honey (Mild honey flavor with just the right amount of sweetness)
  • Peppermint (Minty flavor with the right amount of freshness)
  • Orange (A citrus blast with a hint of creaminess)
  • Vanilla (A sweet vanilla flavor with a buttery finish)
Try out our organic full-spectrum CBD tinctures and let us know what you think in the comments.

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