Maximizing CBD Benefits: Why the CBD Carrier Matters.

If you are using CBD, you are using it for some effect on your physical or mental state. Whether it be improved sleep, pain relief, sore muscle relief, or more, you want to experience the benefits! 

You can maximize the benefits of CBD by checking for ONE tiny detail on the ingredient list: the carrier oil. 

What is a carrier oil?

Imagine this: You need to mail documents to a coworker in a different state. You take the documents to the post office and drop them in the outbox. 

While the postage system is the method of travel your mail takes to get to your friend, it cannot get into your coworker's mailbox without the mailman! Think about the carrier oil as the mailman. 

The carrier oil delivers CBD into your bloodstream so that you experience all its benefits. It is not enough to use any carrier oil. The best CBD brands know that CBD needs the right carrier oil. 

The Importance of Carrier Oil

Carrier oils enhance CBD absorption.

Hemp extracts are readily absorbed into the gut. When diluted in carrier oils, CBD is a fat-soluble substance. CBD must first be converted to micelles, or small droplets before it can enter the bloodstream. Micelles can then enter fatty lymph tissue. The micelles move through the lymph and into the bloodstream after entering the lymph tissue. The right carrier oil will get the maximum amount of CBD,  and other phytonutrients into the bloodstream.

Dosing is easier with carrier oils. 

Dosing pure CBD is difficult. When CBD is dissolved into a carrier oil, it is easier to measure the number of milligrams per dropper. 

Some carrier oils may be better for your health.*

Some carrier oils, such as coconut oil, demonstrate anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. They also show the potential to increase "good" cholesterol or HDL. 

Some MCT oils may have antioxidant properties, aid in energy production, and provide the body with beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

*Many of these benefits require the consumption of higher doses of pure oils.

The Best CBD Carrier

The best CBD tinctures use MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil as the CBD carrier. According to research conducted by the University of Virginia School of Medicine, MCTs are the most easily absorbed triglycerides by the bloodstream & gastrointestinal tract. 

You may notice other CBD brands using olive oil or hemp oil as a carrier for CBD. These oils are long-chain triglycerides that take much longer to break down. You may still feel the effects of CBD oil with these, but it will be more delayed. 

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